Disc atomizers

Spill-back atomizers

Simplex atomizers

The simplex atomizer Fluidics Instruments has been manufacturing for many years now, has been developed up to a level of quality without compromises. It certainly is not a cheap product, but offers a lot of advantages in demanding applications where quality and reliability are of top importance.
The ‘chamber’ at the front of the atomizer protects the cone of the bore to prevent damage caused by possible rough handling. The filters consist of sintered bronze balls instead of cut-wire, resulting in a better mutual bond and a much more uniform filter maze. Besides the ribbed outer filter, to provide a larger filter area, a secondary inner filter is mounted. The internal geometry makes the flow rate less depending on changes in oil temperature. These atomizers are 100% tested, within narrow tolerances in terms of flow rate, spray angle and spray pattern.


For all flow rate ranges, matching all types of atomizers

With or without integrated volume regulator

With or without electrical pre-heater

Various actuating systems to control the shut-off needle

All types are “safety shut-off devices for combustion plants” according to and conform EN 264 when used in combination with original Fi atomizers or atomizer parts.

H     by oil, no external valves supplied
EH      by oil, with integrated solenoid valve
HA     by air,  no external valves supplied